TRAKMARK Commercial

This range of TRAKMARK decking approaches all the issues that come with achieving the Teak look and covering large areas. This unique range of decking gives the customer or installer the ease of fitting straight lined decks on Super Yachts and Cruise Ships.

With other deck systems snaking lines are always the main problem. We at TRAKMARK have overcome this issue with the worlds first tri – extruded product, with this new technology we have prevented shrinkage, also giving a waterproof joint, ensuring perfectly straight caulking lines all the time. While overcoming this problem we have not lost any of the TRAKMARK decking qualities:

  • Looks and feels like teak
  • Superb non – slip qualities even when wet
  • Stain resistant
  • Fully UV stabilised
  • Hot welded giving unbelievable strength
  • Can be jet washed
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Environmentally friendly

Unlike some systems the TRAKMARK Commercial system is laid in-situ, piece by piece. This stops the ill fitting seams and air pockets under the decking. By top welding you will create a seamless appearance with a waterproof finish.

PRICE: £195+VAT per sq mt

Different size planks are available on orders over 150m2

The TRAKMARK Commercial system also looks good on Sun decks and Balconies as well as around Pools and Hot Tubs, with a choice of five colours and three caulking colours, there should be a combination to suit all areas.


As the caulk line is an integral part of both mating extrusions, this ensures a crisp clean line to the top welded joint. Using the TRAKMARK adhesive to adhere the decking to the Metal, Wood or GRP the design of the decking allows the deck to expand and contract slightly, whilst still holding it flat.

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